2018 Panhellenic Council


Dear potential new members, 

So you're interested in joining a sorority. Now what? Maybe your neighbor joined a sorority when she went off to college or your mom was in a sorority during her collegiate years. Maybe you've always wanted to join a sorority or maybe you're just now realizing that sorority life might be for you. Or maybe you aren't convinced that you're even right for a sorority; you know all about the stereotypical sorority woman and you're nothing like her. Well, guess what? We're glad you're not her. Because we want you. 

We want women who have wanted to join a sorority forever. We want women who aren't so sure. We want women who are leaders and scholars and servants and friends. We want women who have yet to discover these traits in themselves. We want women who are proud and women who are humble. We want women who know their strengths and know their weaknesses, who are powerful in their own right but still have room to grow. 

We want women who want us. It doesn't matter what you look like. It doesn't matter where you've been. We don't want you to join our community to be more like us, we want you to join our community to be a better you. It sounds like we just threw a bunch of words at you, right? We can't possibly mean what we say, can we? But we do. 

We said it before and we'll say it again. We want you as you are now, so long as you're committed to always being better. If you're still not sure sorority is for you, we hope you'll at least give it a try. You might discover something better than anything you ever dreamed of. We did.

With love,
Anna, Haley, Payton, Ashley, Kamryn, Demri, Maddie, Kalyn & Alex
The 2018 Panhellenic Council


Anna McLeod 

Panhellenic President | panpresident@wsu.edu

Hometown: Woodinville, WA
Studying: Business Management and Entrepreneurship with a minor in Psychology
"I went greek to better myself and find likeminded women who share the same values as me. I wanted to grow as a women, a leader and a friend and I knew greek life could give me those opportunities. The personal growth you gain from joining the greek community is indescribable and is an experience I would encourage everyone to pursue."



Haley McCabe

VP of finance | panfinance@wsu.edu

Hometown: Granbury, Texas
Studying: Data Analytics
"I went greek originally because I thought it would be an easy way to make friends. Looking back over the last 3 years, not only have I found my friends but my soulmates, and they motivate me to try new things and be a better person every day."



Payton Brusse

VP of Recruitment Counselors | cfsl.panrg@wsu.edu

Hometown: Portland, OR
Studying: Strategic Communication
"When I went Greek I had no idea what I was doing but I'm happy I did it!"

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Ashley Alder

VP of Public Relations | panpr@wsu.edu

Hometown: Vancouver, WA
Studying: Strategic Communication
"I went Greek because I wanted to find a community that would support me always, and encourage me to become the best person I could be."



Kamryn Froehle

VP of Standards and Accountability | panpolicy@wsu.edu

Hometown: Eagle River, AK
Studying: Civil Engineering
"Coming from Alaska, I didn't know very many people at WSU. So I went greek to find make friends and get involved."



Demri Toop 

VP of Scholarship and Service | panscholarship@wsu.edu

Hometown: Arlington, WA
Studying: Kinesiology
"I went Greek to make lifelong friends and to be part of something bigger than myself! I knew I wanted to join a sorority since the day I found out about them and joining the Panhellenic community has been the best decision I've ever made."



Maddie Michaud

VP of Membership Recruitment | panrecruitment@wsu.edu

Hometown: Milton, WA
Studying: Kinesiology with a minor in Spanish
"I wanted to join a community that would give me a sense of home away from home. I wanted a place where I could better myself academically, professionally, and get involved in something completely new. Joining the greek community was one of the best decisions I could have ever made for myself and I can honestly say I've never looked back."



Kalyn Crickmore

VP of Member Education | panprogramming@wsu.edu

Hometown: Issaquah, WA
Studying: Criminal Justice and Psychology
"I went greek because I have two older sisters that joined the Greek Community before me; and the memories that they shared showed me that I could make some of my best friends by joining a sorority! I also wanted to get out of my comfort zone and grow as a person and be a part of something that is bigger than myself. Being a part of greek life has done just that!"



Alexandra Mickelson

VP of New Member Services | pannewmember@wsu.edu

Hometown: Ephrata, WA
Studying: Communication
"Coming from a small town to pullman was a hard transition. Knowing this, I decided I needed to apart of something that would bring me friends opportunities and support. "