Joining a sorority at WSU

A Guide for Parents  


Your daughter will spend her recruitment days visiting chapters, participating in educational programs and attending Week of Welcome social involvement opportunities. Her days and nights will be full, but she will be making recruitment an ideal kick off to her time at WSU.

Throughout the week, your daughter will learn about each of the 14  chapters through their philanthropy, sisterhood and what it means to be part of the WSU Greek community and the student body as a whole.


Your daughter will attend programming throughout the week ranging from general membership information to the importance of representing our community positively to iValU programming.

The iValU programs will help your daughter choose a sorority that aligns best with her values. It includes educational modules, journaling and small group discussions facilitated by her Rho Gamma. These workshops help women base their choices on the things that matter to them, like grades, friendship, philanthropy and more. 


We encourage every woman to give recruitment a try, though prior academic performance is a high priority on our campus. Your daughter's academic performance will be verified with the Office of Admissions and communicated to the chapters on our campus. In order to have verified GPA on file, your daughter must have had her final high school or college transcript sent to the Office of Admissions via mail. Otherwise, her GPA will be listed as unverified. Please be aware that her prior academic performance can affect whether or not she can join a chapter at the end of the week. GPA requirements vary by chapter, though a general standard is a 2.8 cumulative GPA for high school, and a 3.0 cumulative GPA for college. Your daughter can email pan.scholarship@wsu.edu with any questions or concerns. Keep in mind we can only communicate with your student, and not you, as per FERPA guidelines. 

Costs and Housing

The cost of sorority membership varies from chapter to chapter. The cost of chapter maintenance, programming and events make financial responsibility extremely important to each organization. There is also a one-time new member cost, which can make the first year of membership slightly more expensive than subsequent years.

Many members will move into their sorority at the beginning of their second year of membership. This varies by chapter. Please note each chapter sets its own criteria for live-in and live-out status.

The cost of living in the house includes rent, food, cable, internet, furnishings and all utilities. When any member lives outside the house, she is responsible for paying a live-out fee which covers general use of the facilities as well as maintenance and meals eaten at the house. Again, payment options vary by chapter, but most allow monthly or bi-annual payments for all fees. The documents below shows that ranges of price among our 14 chapters. For more information, email panfinance@wsu.edu or megan.harre@wsu.edu.


The Recruitment Process

Times have changed. We all know that. The WSU sororities as they are now are different than they were 25 years ago, or even last year. It is imperative to support your daughter in finding the sorority that fits her values, priorities and lifestyles regardless of your own affiliation or what you might have heard about a chapter from someone else.

The key to helping your daughter find that is to listen to her, but also support her independence in this process. Ask open-ended, thought provoking questions, and give her the opportunity to express herself. If you have any concerns about the recruitment process, feel free to email panrecruitment@wsu.edu. Having been through this process ourselves, we'd be happy to talk you through it. Our council is proof that recruitment works. 

Bid Day

On Bid Day, many families send congratulatory flowers to their daughters. The Center for Fraternity & Sorority Life will notify the florists listed below of the chapter your daughter joins so they can design an arrangement to your specifications or in alignment with that chapter's colors or flowers.

They will not reveal to you what sorority your daughter will be joining, and we ask that you do not request that information. The flowers will be delivered to your daughter's sorority for her to pick up there on Bid Day. If you send an arrangement, please check in with your daughter on Sunday, August 19th, in the afternoon to make sure she picked up her flowers. 



Dissmores Floral: 509-332-1393

Neill's Flowers and Gifts: 509-334-3545

Safeway: 509-332-0803

Flowers Décor & More: (509) 397-3021